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Landlords, are you prepared for the tax changes that will have a drastic effect on your income?

15 March 2017

Landlords, Are You Prepared For The Tax Changes That Will Have A Drastic Effect On Your Income?

Shockingly, a recent survey by a landlord referencing website states that 1.4 million landlords are completely unaware of the mortgage interest tax relief changes due to take effect from 1 st...

Landlords - Can you afford NOT to have an inventory report?

10 March 2017

Landlords - Can You Afford Not To Have An Inventory Report?

Before the advent of the deposit protection schemes back in 2007 many landlords didn't bother with an inventory, or if they did, it was generally a few scribbled notes on a scrap of...

Tenants – want to get your deposit back?

3 March 2017

Tenants – Want To Get Your Deposit Back?

In 2016 it was reported that 72 per cent of tenants said they struggled to get back the money they felt they were owed from their deposit, while around 59 per cent of tenants...

The top 5 things you ABSOLUTELY should know as a landlord.

24 February 2017

The Top 5 Things You Absolutely Should Know As A Landlord.

I have seen so many experienced landlords make simple mistakes which cause them personal strife throughout the tenancy, here are my top 5 tips to make the process smoother for all involved; ...

17 February 2017

'its Probably Condensation' - The Great Condensation Vs Mould Debate

When working as a Property Manager, if I received a pound for the amount of times a tenant had contacted me to report they had damp in their home and I needed to send a contractor immediately on...

10 February 2017

Revenge Evictions - A Letting Agents View

Yesterday, on the 9 th February 2017, I noticed several news sites, radio shows and websites declaring various headlines about ‘Revenge Evictions’ with comments from prominent MPs,...

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