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Why Invest in the Quedgeley & Kingsway Areas

6 February 2024

Why Invest In The Quedgeley & Kingsway Areas

Benefits of investing in the area : 1. Longevity of tenancies One of the main benefits to investors/landlords is the longevity of tenancies in the area. Tenants on average stay in...

Proud to Support Emily's Gift

10 November 2023

Proud To Support Emily's Gift

Here at CGT Lettings, we are not just passionate about helping clients find their perfect rental property or managing their investments; we also believe in giving back to our beloved...

Nick Devonport Appointed Managing Director at CGT Lettings

10 November 2023

Nick Devonport Appointed Managing Director At Cgt Lettings

We are thrilled to announce that  Nick Devonport  has been appointed as the new Managing Director of CGT Lettings and Sales. With a wealth of experience in the property industry and...

Gloucestershire Property Investor Seminar

18 August 2023

Gloucestershire Property Investor Seminar

Join us at the Cheltenham Ladies College Parabola Arts Centre for our Exciting Property Investor Seminar! We're thrilled to invite you to our latest property investor seminar at the...

Landlords, what you need to know about ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD)

27 February 2023

Landlords, What You Need To Know About ‘Making Tax Digital’ (Mtd)

Making Tax Digital is a government initiative that has already began to transform how people and businesses keep financial records and report/pay their tax. Being phased in over several...

How Capital Gains Tax changes will affect landlords from 2023

13 February 2023

How Capital Gains Tax Changes Will Affect Landlords From 2023

As a result of tax changes announced in the previous Autumn statement, from April 2023, landlords selling a property will be required to pay much more in capital gains tax (CGT). What is...

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