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21 August 2018

More Attacks On Section 21 Notices

Generation Rent is on the attack again in opposition of the Section 21 which is calls the ‘leading cause of homelessness’. The group cites new research which says that in recent years...

‘Leeds County Council vs Broadley’ - 150 changes to lettings legislation in 5 years, do YOU know about this one?

27 July 2018

‘Leeds County Council Vs Broadley’ - 150 Changes To Lettings Legislation In 5 Years, Do You Know About This One?

A little known piece of legislation I was recently informed about by Sally Lawson, the previous president of ARLA Propertymark was the 'Leeds City Council vs Broadley' case, a protracted...

11 July 2018

Do Tenants Want To Be Locked Into A 3 Year Tenancy Every Time?

The government recently announced plans to implement mandatory 3-year terms for all Assured Shorthold Tenancies across the country, however although tenants and landlords can agree to...

Many landlords aren’t upholding this critical piece of legislation, are you one of them?

15 June 2018

Many Landlords Aren’T Upholding This Critical Piece Of Legislation, Are You One Of Them?

I had an interesting discussion with a gumtree landlord recently about 'right to rent' checks on new applicants. Their view was that agents (or landlords with new lets) are not required to check...

Want to know what our MPs got wrong in the second reading of The Tenant Fee Bill?

30 May 2018

Want To Know What Our Mps Got Wrong In The Second Reading Of The Tenant Fee Bill?

In preparation for a meeting with MP for Cheltenham I have recently POURED over the parliamentary debates (great bedtime reading....) from the second reading of The Tenant fee bill conducted on...

The top FIVE things all landlords should know when renting (and you probably should too)

22 May 2018

The Top Five Things All Landlords Should Know When Renting (And You Probably Should Too)

Here’s a quick run-down of all the things I wish landlords would listen to for their own sake before they begin renting... 1.       Remove any...

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