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Help, I need to regain possession of my property!

21 June 2017

Help, I Need To Regain Possession Of My Property!

While assisting a landlord with gaining possession of his property in court today, it struck me that many landlords are not aware of the different routes they can take to get that all important...

Landlords, are you aware of your obligations when it comes to electrical safety?

13 June 2017

Landlords, Are You Aware Of Your Obligations When It Comes To Electrical Safety?

A quirk of lettings/housing legislation I have always found quite interesting is the requirements when it comes to Electrical Safety in rented properties. Unlike strict Gas Safety Legislation, the...

With the General Election looming, what May and Corbyn’s manifestos mean for housing and the rental market

2 June 2017

With The General Election Looming, What May And Corbyn’S Manifestos Mean For Housing And The Rental Market

The 2017 General Election will soon be upon us and in mid-May the Labour party launched its manifesto outlining their upcoming plans for housing and the rental market in the UK if they manage a...

Your property seems abandoned - what would you do?

26 May 2017

Your Property Seems Abandoned - What Would You Do?

So you are renting out a property to a tenant in a twelve month fixed term tenancy agreement and at month four, they stop paying the rent. Upon doing a ‘drive by’ past the property,...

Why you should be considering renewing your tenancy agreement

19 May 2017

Why You Should Be Considering Renewing Your Tenancy Agreement

A friend was telling me recently about a situation she is in with her 9 year tenancy in a rented property. She lives with her three children under 11 and over the 9 years she has always paid her...

The changing nature of legislation affecting the private rental sector

10 May 2017

The Changing Nature Of Legislation Affecting The Private Rental Sector

In a report commissioned by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s sister charity 'The TDS Charitable Foundation', Kate Faulkner says that the overabundance of rules and regulations are creating...

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