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Landlords, so you think you know how to increase the rent on your property?

7 January 2019

Landlords, So You Think You Know How To Increase The Rent On Your Property?

I was chatting to a friend of mine recently who had received an email from her landlord explaining that from the next month her rent would be going up by £30 per month and she should expect...

11 December 2018

Santa’S Christmas Help List For Tenants

Essential guidelines to assist with a smooth festive period If you’re lucky and going away to relax and enjoy the festive break below may assist you and alleviate any worry about leaving...

Our Rising Star Brings Home National Award

5 December 2018

Our Rising Star Brings Home National Award

We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Angharad Trueman, brought home the top award for ‘Rising Star of the Year’ at The Negotiator Awards 2018, with over 900 in...

Do you know about this property MENACE?

26 November 2018

Do You Know About This Property Menace?

Knotweed has gained a fearsome reputation as a highly destructive weed that can threaten the value of any property within its reach. The weed is rarely out of the news and causes a headache for...

9 November 2018

Landlords How Energy Efficient Are Your Properties? You May Need To Take Action Fast.

Now, by now you should already be aware of MEES and what it entails for YOU as a landlord should you have properties with Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) which are rated F or G (if you do...

19 October 2018

Have You Thought About How Brexit Will Affect The Gloucestershire Rental Market?

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no deal, now extra time being discussed, all the news talks about right now is this ‘B’ word. This debate about the economy means most industries are...

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