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Government announces definite plans to abolish Section 21's, but what could this mean for our Private Rented Sector?

15 April 2019

Government Announces Definite Plans To Abolish Section 21's, But What Could This Mean For Our Private Rented Sector?

Today, following whispers for months, the government has announced plans to get rid of Section 21s and supposed ‘no fault evictions’ in a bid to provide more security to the 11 million...

3 April 2019

Cgt Lettings & Sales Acquires Location Estate Agents

  We are pleased to announce that CGT Lettings & Sales have acquired Location Estate Agents of Stonehouse, Stroud. The take-over was completed in early March 2019 and the...

5 easy steps to follow to find the best tenants

18 March 2019

5 Easy Steps To Follow To Find The Best Tenants

Landlords, looking for the perfect tenants? Want someone to live in and look after your property for the long-term, and have no rental arrears? Well unfortunately there’s no magic answer,...

Landlords, have you thought about a 'no deposit' option?

4 February 2019

Landlords, Have You Thought About A 'no Deposit' Option?

Ok landlords, I bet you're wondering what these 'no deposit' options are that some letting agents keep going on about? You're probably a little bit sceptical and wondering how something can beat...

Landlords, the deadline for the Tenant Fee ban has been set, but have you considered its impact to you?

28 January 2019

Landlords, The Deadline For The Tenant Fee Ban Has Been Set, But Have You Considered Its Impact To You?

On the 15 th January 2019, after several months (even years) of uncertainty, we were finally given a deadline to work to of the 1 st June 2019 as the date the Tenant Fee Bill will be in effect....

8 January 2019

Breaking News: Cgt Lettings Ltd Acquires All About Property

  CGT Lettings Limited are delighted to announce that we have acquired Gloucestershire based residential lettings company All About Property, owned by Darren Loftus. All About...

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