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5 March 2020

Vouch: The Future Of Tenant Referencing

Since the tenant fee ban last year, where tenants no longer pay for referencing fees, there was much debate around how these checks were going to be carried out or how agents were going to...

15 November 2019

Cgt Lettings & Sales Give The Green Light To Electric Company Cars

CGT Lettings & Sales are delighted to have taken on a fleet of fully electric company cars in a bid to reduce air pollution in Gloucestershire. The company manages and sells property in...

Landlord dilemma – do I sell the family home or rent it?

5 August 2019

Landlord Dilemma – Do I Sell The Family Home Or Rent It?

Imagine the situation, your home has been in the family for decades, its literally part of your history and has been handed down through generations. However, it’s now empty, you’ve...

15 July 2019

Landlords, Stop Kidding Yourself That You Are Really ‘Saving Money’ By Finding Your Tenants On Gumtree.

A colleague of mine recently told me about a landlord that he spotted advertising a property on Gumtree, he recognised the property as he’d been out to value it for sale only 6 months...

How can banks, letting agents and local councils can work together to make housing benefit tenants more attractive to private landlords?

17 June 2019

How Can Banks, Letting Agents And Local Councils Can Work Together To Make Housing Benefit Tenants More Attractive To Private Landlords?

With Rightmove and Zoopla recently announcing an end to ‘No DSS’ listings on their portals, and a recent meeting held by Heather Wheeler, Housing Minister at Downing Street along with...

20 May 2019

Landlords, Caution: Could You Be Tied In To A Letting Agent Forever?

I’d like to tell you a little story of woe. As happens quite regularly with CGT, a landlord recently expressed intent to leave their current corporate letting agent who wasn’t...

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