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What factors could shape our property market in 2021?

26 November 2020

What Factors Could Shape Our Property Market In 2021?

2020 has been a funny old year for property (and just about everything else), we started the year with a slight bounce back for the industry after we finally had an answer following the general...

Top tips on how to operate safely when managing your rental property during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

13 October 2020

Top Tips On How To Operate Safely When Managing Your Rental Property During The Recent Covid-19 Pandemic.

Since May when it was announced that Letting and Estate agents could reopen their offices, we have well and truly seen the property market kick start and open for business. In order to reopen, all...

6 October 2020

Re-Live Our Landlord Webinar 'lettings Since Lockdown'

Just in case you missed it, our Landlord Webinar 'Lettings Since Lockdown' took place on Wednesday 30th September, streamed live in to the Gloucestershire Landlords Group on Facebook. This is your...

16 September 2020

Landlord Webinar 30th September 2020

Are you a landlord struggling to manage all the changes since the UK lockdown? Looking for clarification on where you stand? Are you fully up to date with recent legislation changes? Do you...

Keeping it in the Family

19 August 2020

Keeping It In The Family

We recently announced on social media that George Baldwin has stepped into a brand-new role here at CGT Lettings as Head of New Developments & Investments in Gloucestershire. This is an...

6 August 2020

Stamp Duty Changes – What Could It Mean For You?

Since Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a cut in stamp duty for properties up to £500,000, there has been much debate on whether this will have the desired boost for the property market...

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